Stars Shine Brightly

A Musical Celebration of World Cultures

Production Team


Song Writer/Composer: Kendra Ruth Martinez, 

Master Engineer: James Linton, Soundwaves Recording Studio

Sound Engineers: Bryan Kuban, Jared Nielson, Joshua Lindblom, Steve Parrish

Combined K-8 Songs


You are Big, I am small

  • Greece - Pre-K

Help me! I’m Stuck

  • Mexico - Kindergarten

Listen Closely

  • India - 1st Grade

Get Up & Put ‘em Pebbles In

  • Arizona - 2nd Grade

How Do Ya Call Yer Ole Best Buddy?

  • North Carolina - 3rd Grade

That’s my Belief

  • Africa - 4th Grade

We are all One World

  • China - 5th Grade

La Belleza del Corazon

  • Spain - 6th Grade

There Must be another Way

  • Russia - 7th Grade


  • Native American - 8th Grade

Free Sheet Music 


Kendra Martinez (Lead Vocals/Cups)

Kirra Abplanalp (Mouse)

William Brian Cobb (Lion)

Cole Maxson (Rabbit)

Jaida Howell (Rattlesnake)

Emily Cardullo (Coyote)

Neela Kohli (Wise Duck)

Evie Clair (Raven)

Steve Parrish (Narrator/Guitar)

Sydney D. (Lead Vocals)

Marshall Glass (Lead Vocals)

Sam Rufo (Daughter)

Landon Schnebly (Father)

James Linton (Grand Papi)

Austen Mack (Percussion)

Andrew Payne (Guitar)

Kit Halloff (Percussion)

Zach Wiggins (Piano/Marimba)

TimothyHeywood (Harmonica/Banjo)

Chris B. Jacome (Flamenco/Palmas)

Julie Sebag (Violin)

Bryan Kuban (Guitar)

Emma Nielson (Vocals)

Jacob Nielson (Vocals)

Judy Schnebly (Vocals)

Emily Rose Swain (Vocals)

Bailey M. (Vocals)

Skylar R. (Vocals)

Daelynd B. (Vocals)

Brighton R. (Vocals)

James V. (Vocals)

Parker E. (Vocals)

Lynsee Behning (Vocals)

Cheyenne Smith (Vocals)

Maddie R. (Vocals)

Camylle Palmer (Vocals)

Corrinne Clement Mann (Vocals)

Mitchell Glass (Vocals)

Julie Clement (Vocals)

Pre - K

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